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MDC V04 IP • communication system nurse - patient

     Nurse call system MDC V04 IP is a piece of equipment which not only provides the user with the top level communication system for medical facilities and those of social care but which provides also something more. Its installation and maintenance is a simple task and the costs of maintenance are unusually low. Due to the latest manufacturing technology used its operation is very reliable. The very same technology ensures the system core to be unlimitedly universal, which means the system can be easily adjusted to fit various needs and customer-specific demands. Even if essential modifications requiring reconstruction of the operation where the system is installed need to be carried out (which means the system is going to be used in another way), it can be reprogrammed and rebuilt by simply replacing the terminal units and elements - the system is built as a construction kit. It comes with a wide selection of elements that, if broken, can be immediately substituted with new ones.Such a replacement takes place by removing the particular element from its installation frame and subsequently disconnecting the connector and can be carried out even by a non-qualified instructed person. During its operation MDC V04 IP periodically runs autodiagnoses. It can evaluate many defects and indicate the faulty part by itself. System installation is undemanding. Any terminal element can be connected to the connecting points. Individual elements of the system are connected through structured cabling

     The system MDC V04 IP is formed by a set of independent functional units and elements. Control of the system is ensured by the systém server which is placed in rack.

     All products of MediCall programme are focused on high demands of existing modern operations with emphasis on comfortable and simple operation.